Sunday, April 23, 2006

I Just Want Someburger to Love

On the topic of stupid commercials, there's another one that pops up fairly frequently. It's for a company called Paty that makes hamburgers. The tag line goes, "Paty te cuida, Paty te quiere," or "Paty takes care of you, Paty loves you." Really? Now hamburgers love me? Or some anonymous Paty person who makes hamburgers loves me? Maybe she just loves me so I'll buy her hamburgers, which means I guess she doesn't love me, since I'm a vegan.

There is also a Burger King commercial that I (and my husband) find completely offensive. There's a woman in a hospital bed, having just given birth, and who seems to be having difficulty breastfeeding her baby. The nurse, with her gigantic, silicone-enhanced breasts, takes the baby and — you guessed it! — immediately the baby begins nursing. The tagline goes something like, "Bigger, better, grilled." Aside from the ridiculous offensiveness of a stranger with big boobs being able to nurse the baby better than his own mother, GRILLED? Yeah, yeah, the BURGERS are "bigger, better, grilled," but the boobs, hopefully, are not grilled. What would happen if you grilled breast implants, anyway?

And on the topic of random fireworks for any given celebration, last night was someone's birthday here in my neighborhood in the boonies, complete with mariachi band and — you guessed it! — fireworks. Gah! The mariachis I can handle, at least. But WTF with the freakin' fireworks?

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