Friday, October 20, 2006

Oh, Those Badly Birthed Jackasses!

Yesterday I got the lowdown on one of my favorite Costa Rican swear words: malparido. I have heard esposo use it during times when I prefer the English equivalent (as in, "Did you see that mother fu*&#$? He just cut me off!"). So anyway, I finally asked esposo what, exactly, malparido means.

Basically, it translates to "badly birthed," as in someone whose birth was so messed up that they came out a total jack. So now you know: When someone cuts you off in traffic going 80kmh (which they will if you do any sort of driving in Costa Rica, guaranteed), you can shout at them "Malparido!" Sounds better than shouting "You badly birthed jerk!" I suppose, though not as good, in my opinion, as my old standby.

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