Monday, November 27, 2006

It's a Wonderful Time of the Year!

It's that time again -- time to think about gifting, and/or regifting, as the case may be. Since there is no Thanksgiving in Costa Rica (unless you go to an event or dinner held by an American friend), the Christmas shopping season starts pretty much in August, though it goes into full swing after around mid-October. Truly, avoid the malls on the weekends at all costs, particularly in December. This goes for PriceSmart, too, that place is CRAZY! Avoid like the plague.

I have finished Christmas shopping for the son, and two of his friends, and I know what I would like to get esposo; Mom always enjoys a Costa Rica gift basket of goodies (Lizano sauce, chilero, organic chocolates, organic coffee, etc.). So Christmas has been easy this year. I had one minor hiccup last year, which you can read all about here. Yes, I know what we did was horrible, and stealing the toy back was wrong, but in my own weak defense, the woman has more money than she knows what to do with and the toy is not missed; heck, no one has probably noticed it's even gone. I believe what I did broke at least two rules of regifting, possibly more. That is not to say I won't regift in the future, I just won't regift anything used again!

The truth is that I've regifted lots of things (brand-new things, though, I promise!) -- things I just wouldn't use otherwise. Mostly clothes for my son that either I knew he would not wear (he hates onesies and overalls), or clothes I would never torture him with by making him wear (such as the sailor suit that I'm sure was G-D expensive, but really, I just couldn't bring myself to do it). I've even received brand new baby items from online swaps that were for a girl, so I've given them to my friends here in CR who have baby girls. I once regifted a really nice Fisher-Price Caribbean baby drum set, that I actually liked a lot -- the only problem was my son already had one! So I regifted it to a friend and her daughter thoroughly enjoyed it.

Well, there you go. Either you think I am horrible for regifting, or you can see my point of view. Either way, please give me some ribbons for my story about my terrible regifting deed, and I may even win a prize or something. Who says bad deeds can't pay off?

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  1. I don't mind re-gifting. I'd rather have an unused present go to someone who will use it.