Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Maybe someone out there could explain this one

I do work for various companies in the States, so this means I get checks from said companies, which I deposit here, which clear the banks in the States within 24 hours but which are held by my bank so that they can accrue more interest on my money (which I don't actually get, of course) for 10 business days. Anyway. That is not what I want explained.

What I want explained is this: When I deposit said checks in said bank (that being BAC), half of the time the teller will fill in my name and account number on the back of the check, and the other half of the time they will ask me to do it. Not sign my name, except for that one time when I got a stupid/new teller, but just print my name and account number. Why, on this green earth, why oh why can they not write in the blessed number themselves? Are their fingers broken? Is their penmanship that bad? Because, you know, half the time they do. Shouldn't there be a standard policy for this? Either write in the customer's name and account number all the time, or have the customer do it all the time (though why the customer should be asked to do it is, again, beyond me. It's not like they're checking my handwriting. Esposo has deposited checks of mine in our account with no problems.)

I know, I know... It's Costa Rica! You can't really expect anyone to explain these things now, can you? No. That's why I write them on my blog. Así es Costa Rica.

Oh, and Happy New Year / Feliz Año Nuevo!

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