Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mouth, meet babe.

I bought esposo Monopoly for his iPod a few weeks back, and ever since he can't stop playing it. I told our son the other day, Geez, your dad is really addicted to Monopoly, isn't he?
He said, Yeah, Daddy's a dickhead!

I couldn't stop laughing. And then I did, in fact, explain the difference between being "addicted" and "a dickhead."


  1. I guess Sister Columbiere (my 9th grade French teacher) was right when she stressed the importance of careful enunciation.

  2. Yes! And now every time I hear a word that even remotely sounds like "addicted" I think of how much funnier the sentence would be with "a dickhead" substituted in its place. As in, so-and-so was evicted/a dickhead on Big Brother tonight. heh heh...

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