Thursday, January 04, 2007

Catch of the Day

Look what the cat dragged in:

La Cucaracha, La Cucaracha, ya no puede caminar...

Now that is one seriously big cockroach! Back in the good old U S of A, I have seen cockroaches that were little, itty bitty things (but still nasty in my book). On my first trip to Mexico back in 1985, I had a "friend" living in our hotel bathroom for a week. Pablo was a good couple of inches long, and for some reason, not as disgusting as the little ones. Fast forward 15 years, I move to Costa Rica, and can't seem to get away from cockroaches. At our last house, Kiki would regularly catch and kill cockroaches and leave them (in bits and pieces, usually) around the house for us to pick up each morning. Nice.

Cockroaches are a way of life in the tropics, but I'm still grossed out by them. Somewhere between Mexico and Costa Rica I realized how disgusting and filthy the things are (I think it was that entomology class I took in college). I no longer name my cockroaches, and tend to squish them and then flush them down the toilet at first sight. At the old house, we'd get the regular-sized ones that were a couple of inches long. But this thing is big. Really big. We're talking like a good 4 or so inches big. That is esposo's hand, and he is not a small man. I refused to pick the thing up, even though it was already dead. Bleh. Do cockroaches have any redeeming qualities? I know some people keep them as pets, which I just can't figure out. Double bleh. I'll stick to dogs and cats, thanks.

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