Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Even Princess Shopaholic has a bad day once in a while

I have decided to turn over a new leaf and try to view my remaining time in Costa Rica as a positive thing. I am going to be positive. I really, truly am. Positively positive, that's me!

So I bought this gorgeous top/shirt/blouse thing at my favorite boutique in Costa Rica, Guarana, which is in the Via Lindora shopping center (along with playplace extraordinare Gymbo and the ever-delicious Pasteleria Eiffel). Before Christmas, I'd spotted said shirt while on a reconnaissance mission with my friend while our kids played at Gymbo in the very capable hands of Alex, who could have cared less, most likely, about fawning over lovely clothing in a women's boutique. Said shirt was in window on mannequin, and I was fairly sure I needed it, what with the holidays and all, one should have at least one nice going-out-in shirt. Yes, it was $60, but I rationalized the expenditure as 1) that's still damn cheap for a boutique, 2) I could wear it with anything from flowy black pants to jeans, and 3) it was just really nice and I had to have it! Christmas came and went, and I'd spent all the money I had on things like food, rent and gifts for son, and still my shirt hung in the window, looking sad, waiting for me to rescue it from its post. "Buy me, take me home, wear me, love me," I could hear it calling. But it was not to be.

After the New Year, I finally had a little cash to spend on myself (merry Christmas to me!), and went straight to Guarana for my lovely shirt. Perhaps I should back up and explain lovely shirt in a little more detail. It is a gorgeous thing to behold, sheer fabric, plunging neckline, embroidered with flowers... Anyway, Guarana was closed until January 6th, and I went in that day, and discovered my shirt was no longer in the window! But, good news -- there was one left and it was 20% off! So I bought it.

Fast-forward to today (January 23), and I feel like wearing my lovely shirt. I'd told myself that I could wear it with anything, even jeans, so I dig a pair of old, worn Gap denim out of the closet and pair them with a cute little black tank top and my lovely shirt. I feel like Shopaholic. Or a princess. Or Princess Shopaholic. Whatever, I feel great! I decided to take my son out to lunch at another of our favorite spots, Giacomin, because I need to pay my cable bill and who would not look glamorous paying their bills in such a shirt?

In the parking lot (I've found a spot an aisle away but directly in front of Giacomin), as I'm getting my son out of the car, a big green Honda CRV starts pulling out of her space. I can see that she's about to back into my car, but I figure, she could pull in, so she should be able to pull out, right? Wrong! Right into my front bumper this moron goes, cracking it and bending my license plate in the process. I start waving at her to stop, but she just takes off. I am so freaking pissed. Then some silly girl (who apparently works at AutoMercado, judging from her hideous red shirt) passes by and starts telling me that I should stop worrying, she didn't hit the car, nothing's wrong, blah blah blah (in English, except for the "blah blah" part). I look at her and say, "What are you talking about? She cracked the bumper! Look!" Silly byatch then looks at the bumper, feels slightly idiotic (as well she should), says, "oh..." and drives away.

All I can do is sigh.

And as usual, I've forgotten my cell phone so I can't even call esposo to find out what I should do. At any rate, I managed to have enough presence of mind to get the license plate of this woman's car, and will be filing out a hit-and-run report. (Was it mere coincidence that I found that MOPT website just a few days ago? I think not!)

Lunch at Giacomin was nice, though the whole "cracking the bumper and taking off" thing put quite a damper on it. I paid my cable bill, and then went home, feeling not so much like Princess Shopaholic after all. Oh well, there will always be another opportunity to wear a great shirt.

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