Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Making life a little brighter for all God's drivers

Since I frequently travel to Escazu, this trip usually entails taking the highway back to Ciudad Colon, complete with a set of hazards such as drivers in their SUVs in such a rush that they're willing to run you off the road (this happens more often than not), people running across the highway (and often getting hit in the process), bicyclists who really have no business riding on the highway in the first place, etc. (That is, unless I decide to take the back road, which entails another completely different set of hazards including bad drivers, narrow roads, one-lane bridges often used by cars going in both directions, dogs running after your car, etc. etc. etc.) Just past the Escazu on-ramp is a toll booth that is for traffic going in the western direction (though I think it would make more sense to have it going in the eastern direction toward San Jose instead, thereby perhaps encouraging fewer single-car drivers into the already overcrowded city -- oh, but my thoughts on our overcrowded streets are another matter entirely).

Anyway, in said toll both works a woman who never fails to smile and say "Que Dios le bendiga" (May God bless you) or "Que Dios le acompana" (May God accompany you). Despite working what must be a completely thankless job, despite standing on her feet for many hours a day. Whether it is in the early morning or during a late afternoon shift, she never, ever fails to smile and bless you with God's graces. If I see her cheerful head sticking out of the toll booth, I will purposely take her lane. Her joy is infectious and truly, I feel happy for the rest of the 20-minute or so ride home, often longer if my son is not throwing a fit by the time I get home. The most I can offer her in thanks for her spreading of goodwill is a cheerful "Gracias!" in return. Perhaps one of these days I'll bake her some cookies...


  1. People like that are angels on earth. Did you ever go to the Morrissey post office? This one man who works there and has worked there forever, is ALWAYS cheerful and happy and routinely makes kind and friendly comments. To everyone. Even the mean people. I admire people like that so much.

  2. I may have a couple of times, though we had a box at the main p.o. downtown, so mostly I went there. I think the Morrissey p.o. was all modernized before any of the others, though, right? Unfortunately, I don't remember that person, but I do recall someone similar at the downtown office. Always nice, always remembered you... people like that are very special, indeed. I aspire to be more like them.