Friday, March 09, 2007

A month of quilting

March 2007 will go down in my personal history as the month I quilted by brains out (fingers off?). So far, I've made these blocks for a block swap:

The blocks go together very quickly, so if you're new to quilting and would like to have a go, this is a great pattern to try. Plus you can donate some blocks to help a child in need get a nice, new quilt all for himself/herself.

Then, I actually won something at the Quilt-Ticas Quilt Guild meeting on Tuesday, which means I needed to make a raffle prize for the next meeting. I saw this very cute pattern for a pillow using UFOs (unfinished objects in quilting lingo), and used four blocks that didn't quite size up right from the swap blocks to make this pillow:

The pattern, again, is very simple and I'd bet just about anyone could whip one up in a few hours. In fact, you can make it even easier by cutting out a single piece of fabric to the size you'd like the pillow front to be, and then following the rest of the directions for the backing. Anyway, I hope whoever wins it likes it, because my son is quite reluctant to part with it. So much so that I'll probably make one just for him.

The Quilt-Ticas' president's term is up this month, so everyone in the guild is making a 9-1/2 x 9-1/2" square for a quilt for her as a gift. I've started on that one (lucky thing we don't need to actually quilt it, which will make it go much faster, though of course I chose a pattern with a lot of embellishment). And I need to finish my quilt for the quilt show in May, and I have to bind two more edges of baby Leo's quilt (I'll load pics when those are finished). And I am considering joining another swap, because I have TONS of the fabric they're using and I never could figure out what to do with it, so at least this way I could use it up and get some great blocks in return. But, I want to make a block or two first, see how fast they go, and see if I'll have time. Whew.

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