Wednesday, April 11, 2007

It's DONE!

After a year and so, I have finally finished the quilt! I thought last night was the last night to turn them in for the show, but I guess they extended the deadline to May 15 (either that, or I was just clueless about the actual deadline in the first place, which is also likely). Making this quilt was a challenge, but fun, and I learned many new techniques, such as how to paint on fabric and how to do a blind hem stitch (though mine is more like a visually impaired stitch). I also learned that, no matter how hard I try not to do so, I am likely to stick myself with a hand needle many, many times while quilting by hand (and I only did the embellishments, back binding and quilt sleeves by hand -- I'd be a bloody mess if I did the whole thing by hand!). It's not exactly like the poster, but I am very happy with it, and hope that it's not the wildest thing at the quilt show (though I sort of have a feeling it will be -- I had to bring a raffle prize and a quilt block to the group last night, and realized that my preference for bright colors on black are pretty typical of my work and are not necessarily the choice of everyone in the group!).

Since the votes were evenly split on what to do with it, I have decided to keep it and pass it on to my son someday. It will hang on my wall for a while after the show, though. No one helped me name the quilt, so I ended up calling it "Laurel's Rainbow Cats." And even though esposo says it looks like a magic picture (if you stare at it long enough, you'll see a hidden picture! -- not really), I like the way it turned out. It's great when something you envisioned ends up being not what you thought it would be in the first place, but something very different yet still something you like.

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