Friday, April 20, 2007

That's Just B.S., Man...

I went to our silly little "supermarket" (Super Mora, downtown Ciudad Colón) today to pick up some vinegar for making pickles, and noticed, much to my great, great surprise, someone in the next line buying the current issue of Quiltmaker, my favorite quilting magazine. Of course, I immediately went to the magazine rack, picked up last month's issue (no May/Junes left), and went to check out (again). Again, much to my great, great surprise, it rang up as 4600 colones, not the 3900 colones as stated on the price tag on the cover. (That's about $9, as opposed to about $7.50.) When I inquired about the price difference, the checker said that the price tag didn't matter; what mattered was what came up when the bar code was scanned. Then why have a price tag on it? I asked. She called the manager. He told me that they get the magazines that way, pre-price tagged, and they don't have any control over it, so I guess they think it's okay to mark up the already-priced item a good dollar or more. I said, No thanks. What I should have said, and what went through my head on the way home is, That's bullcrap! Then put a new price tag on the magazine. Then mark through the incorrect price. I guess they expect people just to guess what the price is? The funny thing is, if I had known the magazine was 4600 to begin with, I probably still would have bought it. But I don't like being scammed and refuse to support that lazy Costa Rican attitude of "Oh well, it's that way, nothing I can do about it." Blah.

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