Wednesday, June 27, 2007

News in My World

No, I really don't care that Paris Hilton is out of jail. Personally, I find the following stories a bit more interesting:

* PETA has given out its year's World's Sexiest Vegetarians awards, top honors going to Kevin Eubanks (of the Tonight Show) and Carrie Underwood (who knew?). Personally, I'd give it to my man Bob Barker, because he's the bomb and you know it. But it's great to see more people giving up eating the flesh of dead beings. If more celebs get the word out, more power to 'em.

* Grist Magazine lists 15 green politicians and asks who you (or I) would vote for. I was surprised, frankly, to see Ahnold at the top of that list. Who knew (again!) a Republican could be considered so green by a green mag? Thank God for Ms. Shriver, is all I can say about that. Also surprising, the lack of people of color. Only three were named, Wangari Maathai of Kenya, Xie Zhenhua of China, and Marina Silva of Brasil (and if you don't know about her, read up! She's incredible!). Where are the rest? Only one politician in all of Latin America? Only one in all of Africa? One in Asia? Give me a break. I propose that it's easier for a Schwarzenegger to get his green ideas passed in a place like California (I used to live there, so I'm speaking from experience) than pretty much anywhere in Latin America, so what Marina Silva has accomplished has made it all that more impressive. And I know there are LOTS more green politicians of color out there -- come on Grist, do some digging!

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