Saturday, May 17, 2008

Oops, I did it again!

Sometimes I wonder at my amazing ability to do the same dipshit thing over and over again. For example, I have broken yet another water pipe at this damn house. Unbelievable. This time I was only trying to water my plants, and someone (not mentioning any names here but I think you all can guess to whom I might be referring!) left the hose in a tangled mess, so as I was yanking on it to try to untangle it, I pulled the spout right out of the wall, breaking yet another PVC pipe in the process. Sigh. So I had to shut off the water to the house again, leaving us without water for the simplest of things (toilet flushing, hand washing, showering, etc.). And of course since esposo has this "job" whereby he has to actually live at the freaking hotel where he works instead of being home at night like most normal people (thus stranding me in God-awful Grecia for no reason whatsoever when I could have stayed in the neighborhood I actually liked), I have to wait who-knows-how-many days for him to get home to fix the damn thing. Ugh. Grrr. Crap. Crap pants. Yes, I suppose I could do it myself, but I don't think plumbing is one of those things that comes naturally to most women (and if you are a woman who fixes your own plumbing, all I can say is, you go girl! I'm impressed!), at least not to this woman. If you need me to figure out why your computer is crashing, I'm up for the challenge, but ask me to slap some silicone on PVC and forget it, it just ain't happening.

In other news, something fell on the roof last night, probably a big branch from the very, very tall tree behind our house, and must have loosened a tile or something up there, because an iguana got in to my ceiling this morning and I heard it scrabbling around just over my head. Since Kiki Monster also goes up into the ceiling (because, you know, an architectural "feature" of this house is several square, open holes over the front door through which Kiki and Olivia jump to get into the ceiling), I was worried she'd get into it with the iguana. But I think that the back of the house and the front of the house have separate ceiling spaces, if that makes any sense. It will be weird to leave the iguanas when we leave this house. I feed them scraps every morning and now they don't even run off when they see me throwing food up on the roof; they actually run toward it! We have a new iguana (I think it's a green iguana whereas most of the others are grayish-green garrobos) with the back spikes and throat wattles and everything. He/she is quite beautiful, very different from the others (who are smaller). I think it's a he because he does that head-bobbing thing that male iguanas do to attract female iguanas, and I have seen Stumpy Stumpleton cozy up to him, so who knows? Maybe Stumpy is a female after all and iguana love is in the air!


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