Monday, April 07, 2008

The latest dumb thing I did

This weekend, I wanted to get some plants in the ground because YES, indeed, rainy season has actually and officially begun. The first two trees I planted in the yard went fine (who ever heard of a yard with no trees? weird.), but then I had the bright idea to put a row of butterfly- and hummingbird-attracting plants along the back fence. With the very first hole I dug near the fence, I broke a water line. And not just any water line, the water line that brings water from the street to the patio sink and to the master bathroom. Within minutes I had a rather sizeable hole full of water in the backyard. Crap. This is not what I needed. However, I did finish getting the remaining plants in the ground, then shut off the water to the house and let the pond recede.

The broken pipe was a 1" PVC pipe located about 3" from the surface. I ask you, who lays pipe 3" from the surface of the ground? Costa Rican "contractors," that's who. I suppose they never imagined anyone would ever have any reason to dig more than 3" into the ground. Anyway, once the water had gone down, I tried wrapping the pipes together with duct tape, and just in case you're wondering, no, duct tape will not stop a leak. In fact, it did pretty much nothing. So I've been going back and forth, turning water on and off at the main valve for the past two days as I need it. Hopefully the landlord will be coming by tomorrow to fix it.

Lesson for the day? If you feel like the shovel is stuck on something, it may not be a rock after all.


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  1. no need for landlord, daddy can fix it! and he did...hahahaha....