Thursday, April 24, 2008

Spanish. Sigh.

I know I live in a Spanish-speaking country. A country where Spanish is, indeed, the official language (unlike the U.S. where English is widely spoken but not the official language). However. However. It is really irritating to eternally have to set preferences for sites (like Blogger! and Google, etc.) to English yet always have them come up in Spanish. Yes, okay, I can read Spanish just fine, I just prefer to read English. I know these sites read my IP and are trying to do me some kind of favor, but J Su Christo, I don't want Blogger in Spanish, or, or even those stupid MySpace pages (gah, can I reiterate how much I despise MySpace?) that always come up in Spanish, even though I swear I've set my preferences there to English too many times to count.

Oh never mind. This is just my little silly rant of the day.



  1. OMG, even if i am a tico, I totally understand you, i was an exchange student to the US and got used to those sites in English you just mentioned, and I hate in Spanish, it's just too fake... anyways i feel relieved now. gracias! pura vida!

  2. Whew, I'm glad I'm not the only one! :-) I think MySpace in Spanish is probably the worst offender. Blah! I'm like that with t.v. also, if it's supposed to be in Spanish, no problem, but if it was originally in English, I refuse to watch the overdubbed version. It just bugs me. Like I would never read the English thing they have every week in La Nacion either, you know?