Tuesday, April 01, 2008

"And so I said to that heifer..."

I took these photos on the way home from dropping off esposo at work today. Aren't they cute? A few years back, Sylli and Treeza came down for a visit and we all were driving around the Nicoya Peninsula and came upon a big herd of cows in the road (as one is likely to do in this country full of cows). We beeped, yelled, tried everything to get them out of the way, and then I mooed at them. That was a poor choice. Then the cows started to come after the car. After we escaped the herd of angry cattle, we all had a good laugh about it.

I think this picture is just itching for a good caption. The cow on the right seems to be saying something to the cow on the left, like, "Check out that stupid Gringa taking pictures of us." Anyone out there want to caption this photo, ala AC 360?

LOLCOWS in the making?
"I can avoid being made into cheezeburger?"
"I can has grass... no, the other kind!"

Cows in Costa Rica? Moo... (That's cow for por supuesto!)



  1. OMG that reminds me of the day we took a drive and ended up over by Moss Landing (almost put Moos Landing *grin*) with the cows and we started mooing a them and they started running towards the fence.. good times :)

  2. :-) I remember that day well! Always did love a nice cow. I think I almost fell in a rather deep ditch, if I remember correctly...

  3. I think it was the same day... We were on our way to one of our "get manda to play hooky days" up in SF (the massive two or three times we did that).

    Good times indeed.

  4. I thought of another caption: "Who does she think she is calling us cows?" ha ha...

  5. Classic :)
    Thank you for my morning giggle!!!