Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Rude jerks por todo lado

Yesterday we did our sort-of-weekly PriceSmart run. You know, with nine dogs and four cats, you find yourself running to PriceSmart at least weekly... At the checkout, there was a woman standing in front of us without a cart, and I left to go wash my hands (that place gives my hands the creeps). When I got back, the woman's husband had apparently arrived from doing all of his shopping and was now loading all of their crap onto the conveyor. I said to esposo, WTF is this all about? He responds that she actually said to him, in Spanish of course, I was here first; I was holding this place in line. Since when do you get to save a place in line at the grocery store? (I said as much, loudly, to esposo.) Then I said, you should have stood your ground and told her to move, and he said it wasn't worth the hassle. Which I concede it probably wasn't, but then I think these kind of jerks are just going to keep doing it to everyone else. So I said, rather loudly, "That's Ticos for you, always so rude and unpleasant!" She gave me a rather nasty look, indicating that indeed, she did understand English. But, I really just said that because I wanted to be a bitch. Then I went to get something we'd forgotten to pick up, and by the time I'd gotten back, they were gone, apparently having left their cart in front of esposo after emptying it. At which point esposo said to her (in Spanish), Don't move your cart or anything! And she replied, I wasn't planning to.

Now, I don't actually believe that all Ticos are rude (even though I said as much to that ... woman), I do think there are plenty of rude Ticos out there who will stab you with a smile on their faces, there are also plenty of really nice people here. But let's face it, there are jerks and a-holes and rude bitches everywhere, as evidenced by this incident and one L. wrote about yesterday. Sigh. What is the world coming to? All I can say about it is, that I'm thankful I'm not them. They didn't seem like very happy people; they were rude to complete strangers, each other and to their little boy (I felt sorry for him, though). They certainly didn't seem like the kind of people who started rocking out when the demo stereos set up in PriceSmart were playing "More Than a Feeling" (that was actually me and esposo, thankyouverymuch!). I'd rather be the person who tries to be nice and give back the car keys even when I don't have to than the person who sees the worst in everyone she meets or thinks the world owes her something for some reason only she can fathom.


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