Saturday, April 05, 2008

Anyone out there in Jacó?

If so, is Hong Kong Phooey's still open? Because I want to go, but I'll be disappointed to drive all that way and find them closed. So if someone out there knows if this place is open or closed, would you let me know? Big thanks!



  1. The answer is no, they no longer exist. And what's funny, is that that was one of the reasons I wanted to move to Jaco to open my real estate company,
    They closed a week after I opened. I am pleased to report that there is a new Chinese restaurant there, next to and operated by the owners of Poseidon. Some of the dishes are great, but stick to the sweeter shrimp dishes. Its called The Dragon, open everyday except tuesday. BTW, the best sushi place is still open, Tsunami, and since our office is next door, we can report they are as popular as ever.

  2. Bummer! Thanks for letting me know, Jeff, I appreciate it. Too bad, though. I was having a jones for my number one super guy restaurant. Ah, well.

    I'll try one of the other places you mentioned next time we're in town. Which would be better for a vegan?

  3. Chinese restaurants always have more options for vegans, and if you eat tofu, they always prepare it fried, but can prepare it non-fried (sauteed) if desired.