Friday, April 18, 2008

Happy Birthday, Your Majesty!

The Queen's Birthday Party is tomorrow at the British Ambassador's house in Escazu from 9 to 3. Come one, come all, it's always lots of fun, especially for the kids! Get there early if you want to buy any of the packaged yummies, because otherwise all the good stuff will by gone by 10 or so. Cost is 2,000 per adult, 1,000 per child and kids under 5 are free. This is the one time of year I get to buy my Boddinton's (and save a few for esposo to drool over throughout the rest of the year). Son and I will be there; hope to see you there! Here's some more info about this year's festivities from, but you have to be a member to read it (though membership is free).

And then tomorrow night is the Imperial Festival! And esposo and I will be there, but unless you're also in the VIP section, you probably won't see us. Sorry, I had to mention that I got VIP tickets! Not rubbing it in or anything, just celebrating the fact! Woo-hoo!


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