Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bummed, but only kinda sorta

The lovely Beto Cuevas is playing Palmares on Friday night. Tickets go on sale Friday morning. I really want to go see him again. However, I do not really want to go to Palmares.

I was trying to explain Palmares to a friend who was unclear on the concept. She asked it if was like a county fair or something. Ha. That would be giving it far more credit than it deserves. Palmares is, in my opinion, one big drunken fest. You can drink, you can drink some more, you can listen to music, drink, maybe go on some crappy fair rides, hang out with drunk people, and then start drinking again. Basically I liken it to Costa Rica's Oktoberfest, only the beer is terrible and it's in January. Oh I think they have bad fair food also.

There's a horse parade, a carnaval, some other stupid things, but mostly it's all about the drinking. And like half the freaking country descends upon the tiny town of Palmares every year to do this.

Here's a little secret about me: I'm one of those OCD hand washers. I kind of freak out if I can't wash my hands immediately after leaving a grocery store. The thought of being around thousands of germy people is a little more than I can handle. My skin crawls just thinking about it.

However. I want to go see Beto again. Maybe he'll come back down this way in a few months. Oh well. I don't think I can endure Palmares even for him. :-(

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