Saturday, January 17, 2009

Escazu Farmers Market Photo Essay

Which is just a fancy way of saying, I took some pictures at the farmers market in Escazu today, here they are. :-)

A typical Saturday at the Farmers Market in Escazú.

If you've never been to a Farmers Market in Costa Rica, you're not missing out on much. The produce is fresh, and it's far less expensive than in the stores, but pretty much every stand sells the same kinds of things. In California, going to the farmers market was great for buying heirloom produce, organic produce... not so much here in Costa Rica.

Esposo bought some nice parsley and basil from this lady.

A good reason to go to a farmers market? Freshly made pupusas! Like the ones this friendly fellow is selling. He was kind enough to smile for my photo.

This man is selling copos from a street cart. Copos are basically shaved ice and flavored syrup, much like the ice cones we get in the States. Only here they also usually put dry milk powder or condensed milk on them. Yuck! My son wanted one anyway. I opted to let him have a basket of strawberries instead.

Even the street doggies know where to go on market day!

Esposo and son mull over which is the best bag of onions.

And what trip to the farmers market would be complete without the obligatory photo of shoes on an electrical line? This was taken across the street from where we parked our car. The Tico Times ran a "story" on shoes-on-a-line a while back, and basically came to the conclusion that no one really knows what the purpose is behind throwing the shoes up there, or if there even is a purpose (other than being silly). My vote is on silly.

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  1. The pupusa guy at the Escazu feria is the husband of the pupusa lady at the feria we go to in Pavas. Every Saturday morning India gets her fresh pupusa and 10 to go. Nice people and tasty food.