Monday, April 13, 2009


On first glance, I thought this was a leaf, but upon closer inspection, realized it was a cocoon. Cool, huh?

I wondered what had been eating my chayote vine, and one morning saw this cow out there munching away at it. Mystery solved. The cow was also drinking from my birdbath. I wonder how many "gated communities" in Costa Rica have cows wandering through the fields? Not that I'm complaining...

This is the cow that ate my plants. He also likes apples. And he made out with my dog, Maddie. His tag says #43, but I like to call him #43.

Peacock spotted at the picnic area at Zoo Ave. The children ran around him nonstop, which I thought would be terribly annoying, but he was too busy showing off for a girl to even notice them much. He had a very fuzzy behind.

Gratuitous shot of my cute cat, Olivia/Kitters.

Another gratuitous pet shot, this time of Liz.

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