Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Allergies have got me DOWN

way down. I feel miserable these days. Every morning I wake up with my eyes burning, my ears and throat itching, and I'm sneezing my head off for a good part of the morning. Then I fall asleep in the afternoon. It was getting so bad that I finally got some allergy medication, which I had avoided because it makes me feel almost as bad as the allergies myself. So, esposo went to the pharmacy (yes, he went in for me this time, maybe he felt bad about the whole other incident!). I asked him to find something like Tylenol Allergy and Sinus, because I knew it wouldn't knock me out. Of course, Costa Rica being Costa Rica, they didn't have it, and the pharmacist said that Tylenol hasn't shipped any into the country in a year. I should have stocked up when I last saw it... Anyway, he picked up some dang expensive Allegra-D ($1.25 per pill -- whew!), and I took one before bed. Sure enough, the thing knocked me out, then I woke up around 1 a.m. feeling itchy all over and could not get back to sleep the rest of the night. Sigh. I tried Claratin before, and it made me feel even worse. No sneezing today, though, at least. I don't know what to do. I think I am allergic to my house. I read on one of the forums I belong to that one can become more prone to allergies if one moves frequently. Great. We move on average once a year, so that would definitely fit this situation. I hope I am not allergic to my animals, because the cats are all indoor cats and my two little dogs can't really go outside, though the other 7 of them do stay outdoors most of the time. Anyway, I love my animals so getting rid of them because I have allergies isn't even an option. I don't know what other options I have, though. I have never really been allergic to anything like this before. I am allergic to bee stings, but that's totally different. That's more like, be careful around bees, or you'll be injecting yourself with an epi-pen. This is like, all day every day misery. Help.

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