Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Oh, and I lied

Well, not lied, exactly, but I did write something that wasn't true, because I assumed (yeah, yeah, I know what they say!) something that was later found to be incorrect. What was it? That Kreativity carries toys not made in China. Not true. They opened a new store in Lindora de Santa Ana, and son and I went over there while esposo was in the bank getting his new cards (side note: why does that take so freakin' long?). I had always loved this store, because they have great educational toys for kids, wooden toys, toys that kids can learn from, not just that entertain them, you know? So I went over to see what's new, and this time, armed with concerns about lead paint and toys made in China, I checked every single toy that looked like something I might buy (or have bought) our son in the past. Guess what. ALL OF THEM WERE MADE IN CHINA. I mean, every single one. All of them. How can that be? Even Imaginarium toys? Even Melissa and Doug? Damnit. I'm sorry if I led anyone astray on that point. Now I know why the toys at La Tortuga Sabia are so expensive. They're not (at least I think not) made in China, but in Germany, where I'm sure standards are a lot higher. I did, before, recommend Toy Box, but I can't say that for sure they aren't like Kreativity. I need to check them out further. Sorry. Again.

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