Thursday, January 24, 2008

Just a few Costa Rica pics

For your Thursday morning enjoyment.

Sorry, I took this on on my cell phone while waiting in line at the bank. As you're not supposed to use your cell phone at the banks here, I didn't want it to look too suspicious. I was trying to get a shot of the sign, which reads something like, "Sorry, we are out of coins in the amounts of: 500, 100, and 50." I would venture a guess that the 100-colon coin is the most popular one in the country (like a quarter would be). This is at Banco Nacional, the national friggin' bank, and they run out of money? I mean, how does that happen? I never wanted esposo to open an account here, but supposedly he "has" to because the place he works needs to do direct deposit and they can only do it (or, from my point of view, are only willing to do it) through Banco Nacional. I have no faith whatsoever in this bank.

Also, you can't read the teller's name, but it's Jose F. Acuña. Jose Facuña. Hee hee.... Esposo pointed that out, btw, not me.

We have no coins here, OH! We have no coins here...

Here's a photo from our local not-very-super-market, actually-it's-kinda-lame-market, Perimercados. There are no apostrophes used in Spanish, so it always amazes me when they randomly throw one in a word that doesn't need one, such as "Snacks" in the photo below. I guess they figure if it's in English, and it ends in an "s," hell, better put an apostrophe in there 'cause you never know with those crazy Gringos! Because, as you can see, the plural nouns in Spanish have no apostrophes. This stuff drives me nuts. Actually, I'm surprised it was not spelled "Esnack's," because Costa Ricans cannot pronounce any English words that begin in "s" and another consonant, so they all come out sounding like "eh-" whatever. The dog across the street is Espot, the guy on the soccer team is Erik Escott, and if you want chips, better look in the esnacks aisle. The stockboy thought we were out of our collective hair, laughing and trying to take a picture.

Snack's what? What belongs to the snacks? Oh, that's right, ME!

On the subject of snacks, here are a couple of candy bars esposo picked up at the if-you-can-believe-it-there's-an-even-crappier-not-so-super-market near where he works. I think the names speak for themselves. These are from Turkey. I ask you, how do candy bars from Turkey end up in the Costa Rican sticks? And in case you were wondering, they were awful.

Runny or crispy, either way it's poo!

Here's an armored car in front of the same store with the "Snack's" sign, parked halfway in front of the handicapped ramp. This town is so difficult for anyone in a wheelchair or even using a walker to get around that making it more difficult is just uncalled for. Do you think it's going in the You Park Like an Asshole Flickr group? Oh, yes, it is.

Dude, you're a butthole parker.

I wanted to show you the cutest picture of Phoebe and Kitters hugging each other, so you could see that at least two of the cats get along swimmingly, but esposo, I just discovered, absconded with my camera before he left for work this morning and did not tell me, and I hadn't downloaded those pics yet. So instead, here's a shot of Kiki the Terrible on top of the kitchen cabinets.

Oh Kiki, so freaky...

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