Saturday, January 05, 2008

Me, in photos

Just for fun. If you want to play along, type in your answer to each question in Google Image Search and use a pic from the first page of photos that pops up. (I have no idea who originated this; I've seen it on lots of blogs.) I took some out, and added a couple in... if you want to, leave a comment with a link to your photo answers.

Age on your next birthday:

A place you'd like to visit:

One of your favorite places:

Your favorite object:

Your favorite food:

Your favorite animal:
Your least favorite animal:

Your favorite color:

Name of a past pet:

Where you were born:

Where you live:

Your middle name:

Something you do for fun:

Something that terrifies you:

A bad habit of yours:

Your college major:

Your first job:

Your current job:

Your favorite holiday:
Ok, who's up next?

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