Thursday, January 17, 2008

Wine for dinner

Or maybe I should say, wine as dinner. The boys got pizza and I don't do cheese, so I'm having wine instead. And I didn't feel like cooking. Plus, I'm celebrating. The Haunted Hyundai has left the building. YESSSS! We sold it today for more than I'd have hoped. Enough to help make the down payment on the RAV-4. So long, HH, you won't really be missed, but I do appreciate your having transported us all these years. I won't miss your lack of a horn and air conditioning and hot/cold air blowers, or the fact that your passenger-side door didn't open, or that the back seat on the passenger side didn't have a working seat belt, or the leak in the power steering contraption, but right at the moment, since we won't be able to go get the RAV-4 until esposo gets back from work once again next week, I am missing having a car. Still, in this country, it is rather easy to go without one. Bus service is great, and taxis are everywhere. I just like having my own car, American that I am. We do love our cars, don't we?

It is interesting to note that everything having any legal implications whatsoever goes through a lawyer in Costa Rica. Back home, I would have just sold my car and given the person the pink slip and forgotten about it (unless you are my ex-friend/boyfriend/friend Patrick, in which case I would just hand you my car keys and believe you when you said you would pay me, even though you never did, and there was nothing I could do because you lived in Oregon and I left for Costa Rica the following day), but here you go to a lawyer, they write up papers, etc. etc. At least lawyer services are relatively cheap here. Which they should be, since there seems to be one on every block.

The Haunted Hyundai rides off into the sunset, for the last time in my life. Hooray!

In other news, perhaps due to the drinking of the wine, perhaps in part due to my having dreams nearly every single night about returning to California, I looked up a couple of friends from the old days that I haven't talked to since I left that beautiful state seven years ago (I know, I know, I'm a real shit), and sent them "hey, let's get back in touch" e-mails. You gotta love the internet for being able to find people. They may both be royally p.o.'d at me for not having contacted them in seven years, but in my defense, I was robbed of everything I had brought down here about a week after we moved here, including my computer with all of my contacts on it. And, also in my defense, I held a grudge against one of them for a long time because he told me (and I quote) "You're not the kind of girl that inspires guys to give you flowers." Oh well, maybe he was right after all. At any rate, I have forgiven the trespasses against me. I'll let you know if I hear from either one of them.


  1. Adios to the HH indeed!!!

    Now I'm all curious as to who said that you weren't the type to inspire flowers... I can hunt him down and give him a good what for in the shins I will ;)

  2. I don't want to out the guy online, but I'll tell you it's someone from the Cannery Row days, so you can probably guess! Because you do know him. Anyway, he was basically telling me I'm not a girly-girl, and guys only give girly-girls flowers, thus I should never expect to receive them. Jackass! :-)