Wednesday, August 20, 2008

When you have nothing to say... pictures. We went to see The Clone Wars yesterday at Cinepolis with C. and I. I would personally have waited for it to come out on video, but son is a big, big Star Wars fan and wanted to go see the movie at the theater as soon as he saw the trailers on t.v. I checked Cinepolis' website first thing in the morning to make sure, absolutely sure, it was playing that day and the times and everything, and saw that it started at 12:30. Perfect.

Of course, by the time we got there, it was almost noon, and the theater wasn't anywhere near opening. The security guard said they didn't open until the afternoon, and gave esposo a number to call for the movie times. The recording said it wasn't playing at all (which I knew had to be wrong). So we had lunch, walked around, and came back around 2:30. Surprise, surprise, the movie had just started! We had the entire theater to ourselves.

Anyway, while walking around Terramall, I spotted a couple of things that just begged for photographs. One was this ad of Sid Vicious (though actually I am a really bad punk rocker because I thought it was Johnny Rotten) in a Converse store:

Billie Joe Armstrong was on the other side of the store. I didn't get a picture of him, though. Here's the original print ad. See how they're all connected at the feet? Clever, eh... (It looks so tiny! Click to enlarge and see everybody. That's the dude Ian Curtis from Joy Division on the far left; Billie Joe on the far right, and if you really care who everyone else is, I will be more than happy to look up that information for you.)

Then we went over to one of my favorite stores, Aliss, where we picked up a couple of sets of silverware (less than $20!) and I bought two new pairs of shoes (less than $10 for two pairs of great shoes! Granted, I already had one pair in tan, but bought another in black because they are my favorite shoes and I lost a heel on one shoe of the tan pair). While looking around the "women's" section (why they call it that, I'm not sure, because most of the clothes looked like things teenagers would wear), C. spotted this shirt. For those of you out there with gout, I think you'll want to be picking up a few in different colors.

G.out Fitters!

Afterwards, we hit my favorite quilt shop, KG Quilts in San Pedro. The regular guy who is usually there wasn't, and the two women in there were not, let's say, incredibly friendly. Or fast. Esposo was bitching and moaning about how we were going to get stuck in work traffic if we didn't get out of there, so my tactic was to let the kids run around the store screaming so that they'd move a little more quickly and get us to leave. Guess what? It totally worked! C., I think, may have been a little surprised that most of the fabrics she said she liked I already had some of at home. Ok, yes, I admit that I love fabric! I can't help it. I got some nice tone-on-tone purples and greens and some of a butterfly print (that I already have in blues and blacks) in two different colorways. And some black-and-white toile. I love toile. And some batting. They have some bolts of Jane Sassaman fabric that I probably would have picked up more of if esposo hadn't been bugging me to leave. Oh well, that just means I'll have to make another trip out there!


  1. ahem!!!
    As your token goth friend and resident spooky DJ (ok ok so in retirement but STILL) "that guy from Joy Division" is lovingly known as Mister Ian Curtis :)

    I just had to give you shit on that dontcha know.. because I love you and miss you so.

  2. What's really sad is that I probably loved Joy Division as much as you did! Do? Still do, I guess? :-)

    Hey at least I got Billie Joe's name right... Even though I screwed up Mr. Vicious with Mr. Rotten... sheesh... Cool ad, though, dontcha think? Would have been even better with Mr. Stummer, but ah well, you can't have everything...

  3. I wholly agree.. it's funny I love Joy Division and New Order but the husbandly unit despises JD in favor of the more "bleepy" New Order.. which is fine with me.

    THAT'S who's missing.. They needed Joe Strummer exactly!!! *sigh*