Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The latest dumb thing I did

Funny that the title of this post has been used before. So I guess I tend to do dumb things every now and again. The latest was this morning, garbage day. Last night we bought a big bag of stuff for son's piñata at the store. Esposo put it all in an AutoMercado bag and left it sitting in the pantry/dishwasher room/entryway to the garage where we also keep our bags of garbage. Wednesday is garbage day. So I got up early to take the trash out, and you already know the punch line to this story.

I threw away all of the piñata stuffings. Yep. I did. Dang. Crap pants.

In other news, we picked up my mom at the airport yesterday. She was supposed to get in at 8:45, but somehow the flight got rerouted through Houston and she got in at 2:00. We were sitting at La Candela right across the field from the airport, waiting to see her plane land, at which time we would go over and pick her up, figuring it would take about an hour or so to go through immigration, customs, etc. I get a call on my cell phone, and it's some guy at the airport that my mom has asked to call me. She's already off the plane and waiting for us. Talk about quick! Of course, you can't go from the Santa Ana side straight across the highway and turn left to the airport anymore, which both esposo and I forgot about. So we had to drive all the way down the highway toward the city, make a u-turn at the first exit, and get back on the highway. Which took an extra 10 minutes or so. Well, never mind. We tried be on time, we really did...

Ok, off to buy more piñata stuffings...

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