Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Babies

For some reason, at this house, we have LOTS of barn swallows. Two different sets of parents made nests, one in the rafting in the back of our house, and another in a hole in the side of the neighbor's roof that looks onto our driveway. I was concerned for the babies because Numi the Nutcase is in the backyard, and then there are three other dogs in the side/front yard. The babies in the back seem to have escaped a nasty, dog-laden fate, but unfortunately, one of the babies on the side wasn't so lucky. We came home from a birthday party today and esposo found one of the babies next to the dogs' bed in front. I don't know if they picked it up (likely) and brought it there, or it managed to flap itself over there, but by the time we got to it, it was nearly gone. It died in my lap as I was pulling the car into the driveway. Then I noticed another baby flapping around in Numi's food bowl, and I went out and grabbed it before a dog noticed it. It seemed fine, so esposo stood on the car and put it back in the nest-hole in the neighbor's roof. He was a little worried that the mama would reject it, but as soon as the mama saw it was back in the nest, she brought it some food. So it's fine, as is #3 who managed not to fall out of the nest at all today. I am hoping these little guys will survive the dog gauntlet -- I'll let you know.

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