Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Electric Quilting

(Sing to the tune of "Electric Youth" by Debbie Gibson -- oh, I'm sorry, Deborah Gibson -- which esposo does every time I mention the software...) I got this freaking fantastic software called Electric Quilt a couple of weeks ago, and it lets you design blocks and quilts, play around with colors and fabrics, even scan and import your own fabrics or download swatches from the web, before you ever make a cut. I *love* it! It's so much fun. Here are a couple of quilts that are in the design phase:

I'm thinking of calling this one "Migraine-Inducing Headache."

This one is just something I've been playing around with because I made country 9-patch on-point blocks for this block lotto, and then was sick for a week and didn't get them in the mail in time. So I have these blocks that I needed to do something with. I'm thinking of calling it "You Were Too Slow Mailing Those Blocks Dumbass."

What does any of this have to do with Costa Rica? Not much, except that I'm skipping quilt group tonight. Guess why.

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