Thursday, July 19, 2007

To go to a resort or not to go

when one (and one's entire family) has the flu which develops into bronchitis, that is the question. I thought "go" was the answer, as in "go, the room is already paid for, might as well be sick at a resort than at home." Then we went to said resort, everyone coughing, headachey, nauseous for most of the trip. Now I'm thinking, "not to go" is probably right. The six-hour bus trip home really sucked. The food at the resort sucked. It maybe would not be so bad if you are not a vegan, and a vegan who is desperate to lose weight at that, thus trying to avoid carbohydrate overload in the form of potatoes, pasta, and rice. Also, if you are a vegan who hates salad. So this vegan (who hates salad) ate her fill of potatoes, rice and pasta at every meal. I think I am five pounds heavier, when, in reality, doesn't being sick cause one to lose weight, generally speaking? Not I.

So anyway, we did go to this resort, and our three-year-old son had a great time. He loved the pool by our room, a first for he who hates going into swimming pools or even getting his face wet in the shower. The staff there are, overall, fairly nice and helpful, though Nathalie at reception is a raging bitch of a person. At check-in, she told our friends (who have two young kids, 4 and 1) that the pool next to our room was for adults only, not children something like three times, even though the water in part of it came as far as my three-year-old's waist and there were a LOT of kids in the pool. There is no way on this earth that pool wasn't made for kids. In fact, none of the pools were lacking kids, and there were no signs at any of the pools that said they were for adults only. So what was her trip? Then she went on about how you could only make reservations for the a la carte restaurants if you were staying three nights, and then you had to have these tickets (even though she didn't bother to give our friends, who were staying three nights, any tickets at all), or you could have a "premium plan," otherwise you had to go to the restaurant and see if there was space, and if there was, you had to come back to the front desk and get a ticket, blah blah blah. When what we did was find the guy who makes the reservations, see if there was space (there was), and just make the reservation. No problem, no questions about how long we were staying or any of that nonsense. You know, I didn't see her on the way out. I wanted to complain about her. Maybe I still will. What a bad first impression.

Anyway, we're all home now and instead of blogging, I should be working, which I will do after breakfast. I just have so many things to tell you...

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