Saturday, July 26, 2008

Garden activity

Yesterday I noticed a whole bunch of vultures flying low over the coffee fields to the side and below our house. A couple of them hung out in the trees next door most of the day. I have rarely seen vultures not eating something dead by the side of the road, so it was interesting to see what they do when they're not eating carrion. Here is one of the ones that was sitting about 30 feet away from my back fence:

As I was standing there taking photos of the vulture, I noticed ants going back and forth on the garden wall. I don't know how many of you out there have ever tried to take a photo of teeny, tiny ants in motion and actually have them come out both in focus and at the right depth of field, but I can say that with the silly little digital camera I have it was not easy. I think I took about 20 photos just to get these two. Here are a couple of my "beloved" leaf-cutter ants in action:

And then I spotted this guy: he was a Goliath next to these little Samsons. And was moving even faster, and even more difficult to shoot.


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