Saturday, July 05, 2008

Video Saturday

Happy Saturday! Here it's raining cats and dogs. Oh man do I need a new dryer! Ok, anyway... thought I'd post a couple of videos for your viewing pleasure, since not much exciting has been happening lately (unless you happened to read my Craigslist post, hee hee...).

This is the CNN en Español's "Destinos" spot on which esposo appears (he's the chef toward the end of the video, in case you don't know him personally). This was shot on location at the hotel where he works. We never did catch it on t.v., but they managed to get a copy at the hotel, which we, of course, uploaded to YouTube.

A reason I wish I was living back in California: This guy was doing some concerts in April at small venues around the state. And I missed all of them. F-ity F F. I think he could just stand on stage and not do much of anything and I'd go just to look at him. Hot, is all I can say.


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