Saturday, July 12, 2008

The miracle worker

Amy's esposo John (not Jhon or Jonh, hahahahahahah -- sorry, Costa Rican joke there!) fixed my computer. Over the phone. And it took hours. I mean, like it took most of the day yesterday. I somehow managed to give my computer a virus, and even though my anti-virus software caught it, it was too late. The virus was a self-replicating Trojan horse (nice!), and had managed to turn off my internet service and also screw up my system restore. Fixing the damage was a little over my head, and my last resort was to turn to Amy and John before I hauled it into some computer shop somewhere*. The last thing I wanted to do was reformat the hard drive, because I'd probably end up losing most of my data. BUT, John fixed it! Hooray, hooray!

A couple of tips he gave me that I'm passing on to you: Install this anti-virus software on your computer. (Don't forget to sign up to get a license number [free]). I had a different anti-virus software program installed, but he says this is the one to have, and if I trust anyone to know what the best one is, it's John. Also, he said to get rid of my firewall. Gasp! Get rid of my firewall? Well, I did it. I felt a little... naked at first, but Amy assures me that Avast will take care of any problems. So there went the firewall.

Anyway, I'm back online. It's very strange to be without internet service for even a day or two. I felt so disconnected. I've totally forgotten what life was like before the internet. Or cell phones, or ipods for that matter...

*Amy and I were talking about how weird it is to take your computer into a computer shop. She likened it to handing over your car, but I thought it was more like handing over your purse. I mean, there's nothing particularly scandalous on my computer or in my purse, but I don't really want perfect strangers poking through either, you know what I mean?

P.S. I don't have Vista, just XP, but I saw this on a friend's Digg list and thought I'd share. Cause it's freakin' hilarious.


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