Saturday, September 06, 2008

Oh, that princess of mine!

I'm not entirely sure why, but sometimes people think my son is a girl. I think it's the combination of long hair and blonde hair, but honestly, he looks, acts, and dresses like a boy. He's very boyish. He likes boy things. I suppose that since most boys here have short hair (and son refuses to get his cut other than trimmed up -- he keeps saying he wants long hair, and fine by me, it belongs to him), a kid with long, blonde hair on first glance appears to be a girl.

So I was at a book signing for a friend of mine this afternoon*, and someone asked, "Who is this princess?"

Dr. K. said, "This princess's name is C. [an obviously boy name], and if you call him a princess again, he'll likely kick you really hard in the shins."

I know the guy meant no harm. But if was awfully funny.

* You can order Dr. K's book, Feasting and Foraging in Costa Rica, through any Libreria Internacional. If you live here and eat here, I highly recommend picking it up.

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