Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Vuelve a la vida

After coming down with a nasty virus (in my person, that is, not on my computer), I'm finally coming back to life. If you are not born in the tropics (like me), a strange thing about getting used to living here is that you will pick up weird viruses every now and again. This particular one was a knock-you-on-your-ass headache that moved back and forth across the front of my skull, combined with bouts of nausea. It's been excessively fun. I think, though, it's finally going away. I think...

There's a drink stand at the Multiplaza (and I've seen it at other malls, though I can't recall which ones right now with my head still full of wet cotton balls) called Cosual Fruit (I always wondered if they meant to say "Casual"). If you feel the need to return to the living, try one of their "vuelve a la vidas," it's kind of like a good, spicy bloody mary without the booze. If you like it spicy, and ask for it so, it may be near undrinkable. I go for the medium-spicy and it's perfect (though esposo, who eats entire jalapeños, thinks the spicy-spicy is just fine).

In other news, Juanes is coming to Costa Rica Oct. 2, to the football stadium in Alajuela. Anyone going? If you need convincing, here are a couple of videos (you know me!) for your enjoyment. Kinda old, yes, but still good videos and music in my estimation.


  1. i´m glad your virus is gone. and i hope it does not involved "my virus" haha. anyway i´m glad. love.


  2. you're a funny one. hahahahahahaha. not. ;-P