Saturday, September 27, 2008

Election Day

Yesterday started out as one of those days. A day where you ask yourself, "Could anything else go wrong?" and your esposo tells you, "Yes, it could. Don't tempt fate." I tried to get some work done (and did actually manage a few hours of work), but on the whole, it was a day spent running around trying to get things done.

I did, however, buy a new dryer. I am so excited. In case anyone out there is in the market, Importadora Monge has the Frigidaire Gallery dryers on sale for around $600, which is not much more than they are in the States (and that means it's a really, really good deal here). Both gas and electric, even! But only until the end of this month. So we bought one. I was just so sick of buying used appliances that have a 30-day warranty and then go dud after a few months (did I ever tell you the story of the gas dryer I bought more than two years ago that is still sitting in pieces in a shop in downtown San Jose? No? Well... maybe another time!). So we shelled out the $600 for a new dryer. And I couldn't be happier. It arrives on Wednesday. And it comes with a two-year warranty! Two years! It's the little things, you know?

Then, because some dumbass at Interlink lied and told esposo that she had sent my mail on Thursday, yet it still had not arrived by Friday afternoon and lo and behold come to find out the package had, in fact, never been sent at all, we had to drive into San Jose at 3:30 on a rainy Friday afternoon to get our mail. That, my friends, was so much fun! Not. But, I had to get it because I knew there was a check from a client in the U.S. in my mail just waiting for me to deposit it. At the bank I now use for most of my transactions (BAC/Banco San Jose, as opposed to the other four where I just have accounts for the hell of it), I deposited my check at the drive-through and the teller sent it back, asking for an endorsement. Now, I don't know about you, but to me and to esposo, an endorsement means to sign the check. Right? But no. The teller actually meant for me to write in some information on the back of the check that I can't even figure out why she didn't do herself (i.e., my printed name and my account number -- I mean, why ask me to do that? I don't get it). So I did that, and also signed the check. Big no-no. If you need to deposit a foreign check here, do not, unless specifically asked to do so, and even then, ask again just to be clear, do not sign the check. This is what they call a "double endorsement," and I was then informed that the check might be returned to me. WTF. I now have to wait 15 days to see if the check shows up as cashed in my account, otherwise I have to get the returned check, return it to my client and ask them to cut me another one, wait another couple of weeks for it to get to the States and back here again, wait another couple of weeks for it to be cashed. All in all, I figure about a month and half should do it. But I'm hoping for the best -- that they'll see the signature is mine and won't return the check to me after all (what damn difference it all makes is beyond me anyway). Aren't you people in the U.S. particularly happy you don't have to go through this sort of crap?

Then after the banking nonsense, we went over to one of our old cafes where the owner still owes us like $1,000 that I am sure neither esposo nor myself will ever see a cent from. Our other (still good) friend manages the cafe, though he is soon leaving as well. Since the jackass owner owes us money, we sometimes go there and eat for free. Ok, well not really free, since he owes us all that money. It was great food (hey, esposo designed the menu, so it ought to be good!), and we have a potential job lead for our real friend, so that was all nice and good. It's funny to be in San Pedro; it's really like stepping into another place entirely. Very much a university atmosphere. I love going there.

And to finish the day, we went shopping at Aliss, where I found a Darth Tater (a Mr. Potato Head dressed up like Darth Vader) for son for Christmas. (Yes, I do start Christmas shopping in September! And if you live here, you might consider it, because otherwise all the good stuff is gone by the time Christmas actually rolls around. All the Ticos do their shopping at the last minute. Here, if you see something you like, get it, because you may never see it again. I love Christmas.) And I got a skirt for me, and a shirt for son, and some stuff for esposo.

One of the packages contained son's Halloween costume, so as soon as we got home, he had to try it on. He was the cutest pirate with fake dreds I've ever seen! And, my absentee ballot had also arrived, so I voted. Yes! The day started out crappy, but ended high.

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