Thursday, March 20, 2008

Is it rainy season again? Already?

Actually we had a long summer this year. I was wondering if it was ever going to start raining. I like having my yard nice and green and full of plants. Esposo and son just put in a bunch of plants and at least this way I don't have to water them every day. It seems, though, that Grecia is a pretty dry area overall. When it's pouring even just over in Poas, nothing here. So I'm wondering what "rainy" season will be like here.

Did I ever tell you my dryer saga? No? Here it is. I bought a dryer, oh, I think somewhere around January of 2007. It has never actually been used. I decided to buy a gas dryer, because I thought it would be more environmentally friendly and less expensive to run. Well. Do you have any idea how hard it is to hook up a gas dryer to a propane tank in this country? No? Let me tell you, it is. Several months after purchasing said dryer, I finally managed to get esposo to go out and try to find the connections (it being rainy season at that point and all). There was only one place we could find them, and of course they didn't fit. Back to the store. Buy different size connections. This took place two or three or maybe even four times. Finally, the connections connected, the propane tank full, the dryer was ready to be used.

It wouldn't start. Of course at this point the "warranty" on our used dryer had washed away like half of my backyard was doing in the flooding rains of last year. So we had our trusty appliance tech come over and see if he could figure it out. He referred us to a place in San Jose, they came and picked it up, and now more than a year later it is still sitting there. They need a new part (a computer board or something) to fix the dryer, which of course they don't have in Costa Rica. No problem, because I can order parts from Sears since it's a newer Kenmore. However, esposo and the guy at the fixit place have been going back and forth on the phone about the part for months on end. I finally downloaded a diagram of the parts from the Sears site, faxed it over to the shop last week, and now I'm waiting for Semana Santa to be over so that I can ask them which part, exactly, it is. I told esposo that if I do not have my dryer back within a month, I'm buying another one. One that works. Probably one that is electric, I really don't care at this point. Do you know how long it takes to dry clothes on a clothesline in the pouring rain? A long time. Even if you hang said clothesline on your porch, because the humidity is close to or at 100%. Jeans can take three or four days. And then, you know, they smell wonderful afterwards. No thank you. I want my dryer back.

At least this rainy season I have a car I can actually drive in the rain without having the windows down! Woo-hoo! That is progress.


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