Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Baby hummers update

I dropped off esposo at work on the mountain this morning, and went over to see how the baby hummingbirds were doing. (I mistakenly said there were three babies in my other post, but no, all along there were only two. Hard to count since all I could see was fuzz!) I was at first dismayed to see the tiny nest had fallen apart, with very little of it remaining attached to the branch, but then I noticed two tiny babies, each sitting on a different branch no more than a foot apart. Mama came by and fed one while I was standing there, and I don't know if the babies are ready to fly away or not (esposo says not yet but any day now they will be), but they just sat there on the branch with me looking at them, cocking their heads at me, not in the least bit frightened by my presence. So beautiful. Almost all of their fuzz is gone, with just a little remaining on their tiny heads. And I violated one of my own rules about traveling in Costa Rica; namely, always take your camera. So I have no photos to show you. Esposo, however, has promised to take photos for me with his camera. Unless they fly away first.

P.S. Update on the update: They flew away first. Carp.


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