Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Speaking of Semana Santa...

WTF is it with half of the Costa Rican population heading to the beach for Semana Santa? I mean, do you want to spend time with a million other people on crowded beaches, crowded roads, and in crowded hotels and restaurants? I do not get it. Latinos from other countries do not get it. Even many Costa Ricans do not get it. Most Gringos don't get it, either. It's sort of like spring break mentality in the States. Ok, so you get this time off from school and work and head down to Daytona Beach or Cancun or Lake Havasu with a million other people. I guess that's fun when you're like, 18, but not so much in your 20s and beyond. Then it's just lame. So I can see Costa Rican teenagers enjoying this mass exodus to the beaches, but not adults, and I'll tell you, it's mostly adults and families with kids that do this Semana Santa beach thing. Bleh. No thanks.

Esposo once asked me why college kids in the U.S. act, for lack of a better word, so stupidly. So childish in their partying attitudes and all that. I don't really know; I guess because they need to get it out of their systems, is what I told him. Once people graduate from college, they usually stop their partying ways. Perhaps that is the root of this Semana Santa beachgoing insanity. Costa Ricans don't really stop their partying ways once they do graduate from college. It seems to take many more years for that process to happen. Maybe they feel so repressed all of their lives that once they start partying, they just can't stop. Even when they get married and have kids. I don't know; this is all conjecture on my part based on the Costa Ricans I know personally.

Whatever, my opinion is that unless you like big crowds of drunken morons, avoid the beaches during Semana Santa. If you could even find a hotel room anyway.


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