Saturday, March 01, 2008

I need a day do-over

This day has kinda sucked in a big way. I awoke right around sunrise to the sound of something rather large and heavy hitting the sliding glass doors to our bedroom. At first I thought the dogs were just playing around, but then I thought I'd better investigate, and it turned out this huge bird had run into the door. Which is weird, because the curtains were closed and this particular set of sliding glass doors is set back in about a 20-foot patio. Well, by the time I got out there, Bonnie Barker Brown had taken the bird into the yard; there were feathers everywhere, and the poor thing was dead. I don't know if Bonnie was the culprit, or if it died as it hit the window, but either way, that left me to deal with a dead bird at sunrise. It's still sitting in a bucket on top of the dog pen that we never use waiting to be buried. Tomorrow, probably.

I tried to go back to sleep, but three-year-old son was having none of it, so we got up and made breakfast at something like 6:00 a.m. (Usually we sleep in until around 9:00 or 9:30.) I was ready to drop by 10, which I did, and son kindly played in his room until I woke up from having a nightmare that I was in prison with this guy (which I think was basically because I watched Lost on Thursday night and am reading this book before bed, the majority of which Robert Dudley spends locked up in "The Tower"). Okay, so maybe that wasn't such a terrible nightmare after all, come to think of it...

Anyway, then we had to go to PriceSmart in Escazu because it has the closest Promerica bank, where I have the loan for my pretty new car, that is open on a Saturday. Payment due today, March 1st. I realized esposo had the one bank card I need with him up at the hotel, so actually shopping at PriceSmart was out of the question. It was more than a little irritating to have to drive all the way from Grecia to Escazu just to make a car payment, but what the hell, it was my first car payment and I didn't want to be late. So I get there, and the guy at the bank says ixnay on the car pay. No payments on loans until Monday. WTF? I ask. "The system is down. No loan payments until Monday." Ain't that a bitch. So now I've wasted all that gas and my time for... pretty much nothing.

Son and I drive back home. The accident on the highway that had us stuck in traffic on the way to Escazu is still not cleared, and now we're stuck in traffic again on the way to Grecia.

Oh and did I mention I woke up from that weird dream with a raging migraine? Yeah. Well by this time it's doubly raging.

So then when we finally get back to the house, I think I'll blow off some of this irritation by working in the garden and planting a few plants that have needed to get out of pots for months. There are these little black bugs in Costa Rica, I'm not sure if they're the same thing as no-see-ums, because you actually can see um, but the locals call them purrujas. They are worse than mosquitoes. They are biting the crap out of me, so I decide to stop gardening, and only after I've put my roses in do I realize that I've located them right where the stairs will be built from the yard to the garage. Crap.

And Kiki the Terrible left a dead gecko in my other purse while I was out there, which, now that I think of it, was not as bad as the time as she left one in bed.

Yes, I know things can always be worse. But this day was still kinda crappy anyway. Can I get a do-over?



  1. wait wait wait.. being in prison with Sayed is bad??? *blink blink*.. one would think that you would LIKE that.. now being in prison with someone like umm... Jack.. that would be bad (not to mention annoying as heck).

    Sorry to hear about your "day".. Kiki's twin (Amelie) has yet to bring us any sort of love offering in the form of dead critter but she has left a couple toys on my pillow and has managed to get INTO my purse and steal things out of them only to drag them into Brap's studio and deposit them in her kitty bed there (headphones, makeup brushes, coughdrop still in wrapper, and lip balm!!)

  2. Oh, yeah, no, I took it back about that being a 'bad' dream! Actually that was the highlight of that day. [evil grin]

    Hmm... cats who steal lip balm. There must be a support group for that! LOL... Boris used to steal plastic bags. The really gross thing about the dead geckos is that she's an indoor cat! We just must have a gazillion geckos in this house, because I find a dead one, on average, every other day.

  3. Cats who steal HEMP lip balm even... (and she's not even the one born in Big Sur!!)...

    When I was in Venezuela we had geckos ALL over the house. My host family told me that it was good luck to have them in your house. So after my inital 72 hours of *eww yuk there are geckos on my walls* I got to like the three that hung out there.. (except now in retrospect it totally gives me the willies)

  4. Yeah, I love little geckos! I think they're cute. Then again, I have a fondness for lizards (remember when I had those two blue bellies o-so-many years ago in P.G.?). Or are geckos amphibians? Now I guess I'll have to look it up in order not to appear stupid. Well anyway, they are great at keeping bugs out of your house, and we don't have too many bugs here at all, which is so fantastic. If Kiki the Terrible keeps up her act, though, we'll be overrun with bugs in the near future, I'm certain of it!

  5. Geckos are lizards. Not amphibians. Guess I'm not a total dipshit after all!