Sunday, March 02, 2008

I go out walking

Sometimes I even go out hiking, though not very often since I blew out my knee. But I made a couple of exceptions last week. First up, Los Chorros in Alajuela. It's a nice little park, the punchline of which is a giant waterfall. We, being we, got there at 3:30, and they were closing at 4:30 (of course). We parked in the upper lot, so that meant hiking all the way down the trail to the waterfall, having a super-quick picnic, and then hiking all the way back up. No small feat, but we did it (amazingly) with time to spare. Here are a few pics from the quickest hike ever.

This one's not the best. Blame it on esposo.

This one's not too great, either. Blame it on the dog, she kept moving, and this was the best shot I could get! This is the "park dog," Chilindrina, whom we kept calling Chili Dog. She hung out, had lunch with us, and then led us back up the path when it was time to go.

If you want to go to Los Chorros yourself, it costs around 1,000 per person to get in. There are two parking lots: The one at the bottom means you have a longer walk into the park and the waterfalls, but no real serious up/down hiking. The lot at the top means a shorter walk to the waterfalls, but some big time elevation changes. Please don't ask me for directions because I couldn't direct my way out of a paper bag in this country.


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