Saturday, March 29, 2008

A personal note from me to you

Dear readers,

I started this blog way back when because one of my girls in the U.S. asked me something like, "So what is your day like? What do you do down there?" And I said, "Pretty much the same things I did up there, with some differences, of course." So I started writing about my experiences here, as a journal for myself, and in the hopes that maybe someone out there would find something interesting to read along the way.

Lately it seems my readership has jumped to this level that I can't really figure out. I mean, a year ago I could count on one hand the number of readers I had, and I knew them all personally. Not that I'm complaining that people are actually reading my blog, mind you, but there are a couple of things you might want to keep in mind.

1. Everything here is my opinion. Like the hole in one's ass, everyone has an opinion, and I'm no exception. Feel free to argue with me about something you read if you like; I may or may not get into a debate with you, depending on how I strongly feel about the subject. I might just say, yeah, you're right!

2. I'm not trying to sell you anything. Thus I feel free to give out plenty of #1. If you are so inclined to purchase something from the Amazon link to the right on this page, all of the proceeds go to support a cat rescue in Ohio that my mom works with. (I am also the webmaster of that site, there you go.) Otherwise I don't make any money from this blog. I think I might have $0.27 in Google revenue or something like that.

3. With #2 in mind, if you're going to post a comment in order to try to increase your readership at another Costa Rica site (I don't need to mention it; you know who you are), forget it. If that other site even gets mentioned in one of my comments here, I'm going to delete it. I don't appreciate whoever you are trying to make money off of me, or trying to get more readers from my silly little blog. All of my comments are moderated. Sorry. That's just the way it's going to be from now on. I read a comment on that other site from a woman who has a blog not too unlike mine (her experiences living in Costa Rica, basically), and she was pretty pissed about getting these same kinds of comments on her blog and having to constantly delete them. I feel for ya, sister. So I know it's a scam and I'm not falling for it anymore.

4. For the rest of you, I love you. I truly do! Keep leaving comments and letting me know you're out there. It helps me stay connected to the rest of the world.



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