Sunday, September 21, 2008

Old chair, new chair

This is what I spent this morning doing, with help in no small part from my mom.

Old chair:

New chair:
It may be hard to tell from the photos, but old chair had yucky white vinyl on the seats and backs. Yesterday, Chris, my mom and I took the kids for lunch and then we all went over to KG Quilts to look for fabric for various things, including reupholstering my two icky dining room table's chairs. I had taken the back off of one chair about a month and a half ago, thinking I could use leftover fabric from our old cafe where I'd also reupholstered all of the dining room chairs there. But, when I realized I didn't have enough, I left the chair back off until I could go get more fabric, and that didn't happen until yesterday. I was thinking of a heavier-weight toile, but then I saw these yummy flannels, and this particular print was decided upon by a committee of three. So thanks, guys! It was a great choice. I figured I'd get them done before esposo got home from work, so that if he didn't like the print, I could tell him to reupholster them himself, which of course he would never do. Ain't that right, dear?

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