Thursday, March 12, 2009

A $20 cup of coffee

Tonight I had what is, in all likelihood, the best coffee I've ever had. Ever. A friend's husband works for a specialty coffee exporter here in Costa Rica, and we just so happened to be next door to his office this evening. She asked us if we wanted to come in and see the office, and who could say no? Of course! The smell emanating from the building was unbelievably good -- sort of like the chocolate smell that permeates the air when you're anywhere in Hershey, Pennsylvania, only here it was coffee.

They just so happened to be doing a cupping today, and asked us if we wanted to taste a cup of coffee, which just so happened to be 8-time internationally award-winning Herbazu coffee. Again, who could say no?

I am not one for drinking black coffee. Usually black coffee, to me, is too bitter and bothers my stomach. But I figured at a place like this, one drinks black coffee. So I asked for just half a cup and steeled myself for the experience. I should not have been concerned! It was so smooth, with a natural sweetness and cacao-like aftertaste that was simply coffee heaven. (So, yes, I had a second, full, cup!) Absolutely no sugar or milk-like substance necessary -- in fact, that would be downright wrong with coffee this good.

Another girl who was there with us also never drinks black coffee and loved it. So there you go. She asked the barista how much a cup of coffee like this would go for, and he said from $10-20 per cup. Well, I've never had such expensive coffee before! But I can see why it would cost so much, and honestly, if we could even buy it in Costa Rica (we can't; it's only for export), I would, definitely. If any of you out there get the chance to buy a cup of Herbazu at your local coffee shop, try it! I think you won't be disappointed. And I found a place where you can buy it, in the UK, here. It seems silly to buy Costa Rican coffee from the UK and have it shipped to Costa Rica, but I just might!

P.S. My friend's husband's coffee is called Cafetin San Martin and it's also really great!

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