Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Random sillyness

1. A sign at the Parque de Diversiones:

Danger, Will Robinson! If you have been recently cut in half and sewn back together, or if you have a giant tumor/basketball/triplets in your stomach, do not ride this ride! Which just so happens to be a very mild little "train" that takes people around the park! Danger!

2. My son says to me the other day, "Mommy, how do you say 'effin' delicious'* in Spanish?"
"I don't know, I think that's one you'll have to ask your dad."
"But how do you say it?"
"I said I don't know. Ask your dad!"
"I know how to say it."
"Really? How do you say it?"
"Efemente delicioso!"

* We are trying to cut back on the swearing around here, so we say now "effing delicious" instead of "fucking delicious," though personally I prefer the latter.

3. On a teabag from the Asian market:

Sing along with me, now: "Oh, if it's homely tea, it must be for meeeee...."


  1. I tried to cut down on the swearing for the first few years, but just completely surrendered back to it the last couple, so much so that the girls comment if I don't call the gate that sticks a m-f-er. A. and B. promise me they will never swear. But sometimes they make up their own versions. When B. gets mad, she says, "Poo you!"

  2. That's funny that the girls don't swear. Well you know me, dropping the f-bomb is like eating chocolate: I pretty much have to do it on a daily basis! Plus, it's such a versatile word! I really don't have a big problem with swearing, even if my kiddo does it, but esposo doesn't like it... I really don't think this "cutting back" nonsense will last too long!

  3. Shit, I'm with you, the word 'fuck' is more versatile than the word 'versatile'. fuck yeah.