Saturday, March 07, 2009

Raven's 80s y Más

I may have mentioned before that esposo, a chef, likes to listen to 80s music when he's cooking. Don't ask me. Anyway, I acquired for him Billboards Top 100 Hits of Every Single Freakin' Year of the 80s. Yes, that's 1,000 songs. From the 80s.

Tonight we were listening to 1983, one of his favorite years, apparently. Now, back in 1983, I was in high school and let's just say esposo was a youngun'. So I kept asking him, Do you remember this video? And typically, his answer was, No. Ok, so there was no MTV during the 1980s in Costa Rica, either, which could have had something to do with his severe lack of 80s music video knowledge. And thus, I am here to enlighten him on all that he missed. Thank the FSM for YouTube!

A selection of music videos from Billboard's Top Hits of 1983

Dexy's Midnight Runners, "Come On Eileen"

I'm sorry, but if you don't totally and completely love this song, you either didn't live through the 80s or there's something wrong with you. The overalls? The fiddles and banjos, and they weren't even from Appalacia? Seriously! When you're finished watching the below, check out Save Ferris's version. Because they really kick ass on this song. And is that the dude from Dexy's making a cameo or is it my imagination?

Men at Work, "Down Under"

Who didn't want to go to Australia during the 1980s? Between Men at Work, Midnight Oil, Kajagoogoo, and INXS, we all wanted to take a trip to the strange and interesting land down under, admit it.

Golden Earring, "Twilight Zone"

This song just rocks, that's all there is to it. The director was obviously in love with spy movies ala 007 (well, who wasn't). And? I'm pretty sure naked chick did not appear on MTV.

Toto, "Africa"

Seriously, though, I still love this song. Even though the keyboard player looks like he has, uh... issues. Ok, you can start making fun of me now. "Gonna take a lot to drag me away from you, there's nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do..." Uh huh.

Eddy Grant, "Electric Avenue"

Along with "Pass the Dutchie," a stoner classic. This sort of sounds like the precursor to reggaeton, which I can't stand. But I like this.

Kajagoogoo, "Too Shy"

Speaking of weirdo Australians... "Honey, do you remember this video?" "Nope." Peg leg pants alert! Woo-hoo!

Adam and the Ants, "Goody Two Shoes"

Not mentioning any names or anything, but this was my personal theme song for a very good friend of mine back in the day. I can safely say she is now anything but! :-) Personally, I liked the song "Strip" better, but that was 1985, and thus, sadly, not eligible for inclusion in this particular list.

Marvin Gaye, "Sexual Healing"

I loved Marvin back in the day. Loved, loved, loved Marvin. The day he died I stayed home from school and cried in my room all day. Anyway. Who could listen to this song and not want to do it? Not me.

So just out of curiosity, and because I know there are a heck of a lot more readers out there than comment, I would love to hear what your favorite videos/songs from the 80s are!



    It made me who/what I am today
    (NOT the Goody Two Shoes is it)

  2. Now did I tell anyone it was YOU who was Ms. Goody Two Shoes? ;-P

    An industrial video from 1989 barely qualifies here, missy!

  3. I absolutely loved! Kajagoogoo! Of course, I had a daughter who played MTV 24 hours a day (but seriously...) 'Too Shy' was one of my favorites.