Friday, October 03, 2008

Good morning to me

We have this incredible view of the Central Valley from our backyard. But not for long. I awoke this morning to a backhoe being unloaded in front of our house, and not long after that, it was hard at work digging up and flattening the coffee field directly behind our house. The smell of backhoe exhaust filling my office first thing in the morning -- wonderful! Or instant migraine, you choose. Ugh. At least we're only renting here, and that not for long. I can't imagine the landlord getting what he wants for this house with the construction going on (it is on the market, in fact). Anyone who came to look at it would soon figure out one of the major selling points -- the view -- is soon to disappear.

The view from son's porch first thing this morning.

Guess I'd better start packing...

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