Sunday, October 05, 2008

Yes, Virginia, there is a Latin American Idol

And a Brazil's Next Top Model, but that is a post for another day.

Next week is the Latin American Idol finale. Latin American Idol is like the sad stepchild of American Idol, aspiring to be so much more than its current station in life. American Idol is filmed in some big theater in Los Angeles. Latin American Idol, I'm not even sure, though the finale is shot at a Hard Rock Cafe (in Panama, I believe). The American Idol wannabes hawk Fords; their Latin American Idol counterparts, Hot Pockets. The American Idol wannabes are pretty good, generally speaking; Latin American Idols? Not so much. They usually sound more like a karaoke contest than anything else.

Anyway. One of the two finalists this year is a Costa Rican. Last week, when they take the last three contestants home for a little tour (though this year it was four), the Costa Rican girl showed us around her town in Heredia. Esposo, of course, knew it was Heredia (and said at the time, Thank goodness they shot this at night), though to me it could have been any little town in Costa Rica, as they pretty much all look the same. The finale is this Wednesday night on the Sony channel (31 on Amnet cable). I don't usually watch Latin American Idol, but esposo and I will probably be tuning in this week. Just, you know, for fun. And to watch Beto Cuevas. At least, that's why I will be watching. For esposo, I guess he's rooting for the Costa Rican. Me? I could care less.

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